Mar 12, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 10

I was really disappointed when I went to bed before watching this week’s episode of Brave 10. It doesn’t happen very often that Hadena releases something a bit late, so I’m not going to rant on about that. I’m just happy that it’s finally here.

This week’s episode made me a little bit mad. Not at the show, hell no, but at some of the characters. I’m sure we all remember Hattori, that red-haired ninja that attacked Saizo and the others a few episodes back. It appears that he’s the one that commanded Anastasia to attack Rokuro in order to obtain his eye. Not just that, he also planned to attack and kill each and every one of the Braves until Isanami was the only one left. He has the wrong impression though. He thinks that Isanami’s jewel is the source of her dark powers, when in reality it’s the one thing that’s keeping those powers in check. Isanami herself is the source of that power and that jewel is only there to ensure that she doesn’t lose control.

Talk about your mindf*cking plot twist, huh? Don’t get me wrong, I loved it when they finally revealed a little bit more about Isanami and her powers. It’s the other Braves that I didn’t like. They were all so strong and mighty, and yet some of them are losing easily to Hattori’s men while others are struggling to keep up. There’s definitely something wrong with that. What happened to Miyoshi’s superhuman strength and skills? What happened to Benmaru’s annoying little traps and deadly bombs? What happened to Sasuke and his animal friends? What is going on with old man Kakei and what used to be his pinpoint precision shooting?  And what the hell is wrong with Saizo? Why doesn’t he just use some of his special skills? It just doesn’t make any sense. I think it’s wrong to make the characters appear weaker than normal, especially after having shown us what they’re actually capable of.

Benmaru and Miyoshi couldn’t handle that transsexual power fighter, Sasuke and Kakei couldn’t even handle that insect-controlling b*tch, and Saizo couldn’t even keep up with Hattori anymore, the same opponent whom he almost killed in the past. I like building up the story so that the show will end with a big bang, but I really do think that this is simply the wrong way. No way were the Braves ever this weak, especially not since their little trip, where some of the Braves got even stronger.

It’s a shame, that’s all. I hope that there’s a reasonable explanation for this, because I will keep watching Brave 10 till the end. I hope that Isanami just loses control for once, I mean… Why not? She’s been holding back for so long whilst other people aimed to take her life, isn’t she entitled to lose control for once? I say go for it! I already lost hope in Yukimura, because no point in wanting to see him fight if he constantly hides behind his Braves.

Brave 10 episode 10 screencaps

  1. Uhm…. they usually make characters a little bit weaker at the end so that they can surprise the viewers with a big bang finale.

    i’m not sure that I would call that wrong but we will have to see what happens before passing judgement

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