Mar 26, 2012

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Brave 10 episode 12

And so it ends… What a shame. This show has been doing pretty well since it started. I think we can expect some more Brave 10 in the future, seeing as they left a few clues at the end. The story is not yet over, their enemies are not yet defeated and the world’s mysteries have yet to be solved. I really hope that I’m right, because I rather enjoyed it.

Anyway, the battles were coming to an end as Isanami was finally awakened, or at least her dark side. Hattori finally realized that he was wrong all along, that he wasn’t after that special hairpin, but after Isanami. He thought that he could control her and her powers by using that hairpin, but he soon found out the hard way by paying the ultimate price; death. He was completely consumed by darkness, only because he longed for more power. You may not believe me, but trust me on this one, I smiled big time when that lunatic was consumed by Isanami’s powers.

Isanami’s power was intense, but it allowed to other Braves to mount a counterattack. Miyoshi and Benmaru managed to defeat their foe by a single blow, old man Kakei and Sasuke managed to defeat that crazy b*tch after Isanami’s dark powers scared of her insects, and Jinpachi managed to escape Anastasia’s ice prison and electrify her at the same time with just one counterattack. That was a little bit too easy if you ask me, especially if you keep in mind that the Braves had a hard time dealing with them, well except for Jinpachi. Don’t even get me started about Kamanosuke’s battle, because that was ridiculous, as she managed to kill him in just one attack. She is one twisted woman.

It all came down to Saizo. He charged inside the darkness to rescue Isanami without hesitation. I guess Saizo was the light after all. I had hoped to see a battle between Saizo and Isanami, you know, like darkness versus light. I looked so forward to that, but I suppose the end wasn’t all that bad. I just think that the battles, based on what happened last week, were over too easily, that’s all.

That was it for this show. I’m probably going to watch this again sometimes in the future. For now I’ll just keep my ears to the ground, hoping to catch a few news items about a possible second Brave 10 season. I have this hunch…

Brave 10 episode 12 screencaps

  1. i enjoyed it

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