Jul 5, 2013

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Brothers Conflict

Okay, putting aside that this was more like a character introduction than a proper first episode, it’s become quite clear that this season is filled with ‘good looking’ male characters. What is going, Japan? Finally had that brain fart then?

Brothers ConflictYou immediately notice the characters as soon as you start watching. It’s quite obvious that they put a lot of work into that. That makes it so much worse when I tell you that I probably wouldn’t be able to recognize any of them from a ten character line-up.

If you are going to watch this show then it’s going to be because of the story. The story is interesting and it’s definitely the best thing about this show. The problem with this episode is that it doesn’t really do the story justice, so you might want to wait until the next episode before you decide to drop this or not.

I will recommend this to die-hard romance fans and women, but let’s face it; how many women actually visit my blog? I’ve accepted this blog a long time ago as the sausage fest that it is. But seriously now, just wait until the next episode before you make up your mind.

Plot Summary: Hinata Ema is the only daughter of a famous adventurer, Hinata Rintarou. One day, Ema learns that Rintarou is going to remarry with a successful apparel maker named Asahina Miwa. Since she doesn’t want to disturb them, Ema decides to move out and live with her 13 new brothers in a mansion called Sunrise Residence. As they live under the same roof, romance is starting to grow between Ema and the Asahina brothers.

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