Jun 6, 2012

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Btooom! anime green-lit

Btooom! anime green-lit

The anime studio MADHOUSE is producing a television anime adaptation of Junya Inoue’s Btoom! manga. The story centers around Ryūta Sakamoto, a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) young man and a top-ranked player in the online combat game Btoom! One day, he wakes up on a tropical island without remembering how he got there. He sees a figure in the distance and asks for help. However, the figure responds by throwing something at Ryūta — a “BIM” bomb. In that moment, Ryuta comes to realize two things: one, his own life is in danger, and two, he is now in the world of Btoom!

First-time series director Kotono Watanabe (episode director on Chihayafuru, Aoi Bungaku Series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) is helming the project, and Yousuke Kuroda (Best Student Council , Hayate the Combat Butler, Hellsing, Highschool of the Dead, Mobile Suit Gundam 00) is writing the scripts. In addition to creating Btoom!, Inoue also created the Otogi Matsuri manga.

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