Oct 15, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 02

Okay, I know my review on this wasn’t all that great, and I’m sure as hell not taking that back. But hey, the anime is interesting and amusing, so how can I leave it alone? There’s action, mild nudity and I like games, even if it’s at the cost of people’s lives, just like in BTOOOM! here.

Now, I was pretty interested in Himiko from the start. She’s a young, beautiful girl that likes to play videogames. That’s rare, believe me. I’d love to meet a beautiful gamer-chick. But anyway, I liked it when they showed us Himiko’s side of the story.

The strangest thing is; Himiko’s not a strong player at all. She was a newbie when she met Ryouta. Hell, he actually helped her get in-game experience points, which probably boosted her level. My question being; what is she doing on that island? Let’s face it guys, she’s not that strong. She is/was a total newbie. What’s the point of bringing in an inexperienced player?

Anyway, it was nice to get to know her more. She has a dark past, a very dark present and probably an even darker future if this continues. I mean, the poor girl almost got raped on her first day on that island. It’s a good thing that she reached for her bombs when she did, otherwise she would’ve been defiled by the fattest character in the show, just like her friends got defiled by those idol-wannabes.

I know it’s pretty obvious, but things are only going to get worse now that Ryouta, the guy that helped her out in the game (although she doesn’t know it’s him yet), accidently caught her in a rather vulnerable moment. Let’s see if Ryouta can control his urges next week…

BTOOOM! episode 02 screencaps

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