Oct 28, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 04

Oh god, what a dreadful episode. Dreadfully good that is! The start was a bit bumpy, which made me think that the anime would only drag the manga down. But no, it’s starting to get a lot better. It might surpass the manga if it keeps going like this.

We get to know a psychotic little boy during this episode. This boy, Kousuke is his name, murdered women, only so that he could rape them afterwards. This landed him in police cells all the time, but they couldn’t do much against it because of his age. He’s fourteen. And his lawyer, whom also turned out to be a BTOOOM! candidate on that island, bailed him out during those times.

I hate characters like these, sorry. I don’t like the psychotic type. I don’t like the type of character that likes to kill, hurt or mutilate others. That is why I’ll be well pleased when someone, hopefully Ryouta, finally kills that little anti-Christ. Unleashing that little demon upon the public once more is irresponsible and dangerous.

Ryouta fought against Kousuke and won. I was happy. I cheered. I was angry and disappointed afterwards when he let him live. How the hell could he do that? He saw Kousuke as he murdered his own father. Sure, that man may have been the root of all evil, but that is no excuse. Seeing that would’ve been enough reason for anyone to kill that little brat.

I’ll just end this post by pointing out that Ryouta’s little secret is out now. He told that little brat his name, his in-game name. Kousuke knows now. It is only a matter of time before the rest finds out, after which they will probably come after Ryouta.

BTOOOM! episode 04 screencaps

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