Nov 4, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 05

Success! It took Ryouta and Himiko five episode to get together, but it finally happened! It seems rather strange that it took this long, seeing as there are only twelve episodes. The two finally teamed up at the half point, but they still have long way to go in order to obtain their freedom once more.

I want to thoroughly focus on Kiyoshi, a scheming old man. I don’t like him. It’s just too obvious that he’s going to betray Ryouta and Himiko sooner or later. He is currently collection all the gems he encounters, even though he hasn’t done anything himself. I understand that he’s doing it to survive, hoping he might get of that island alive one day. I definitely understand, but he’s doing it behind Ryouta’s back. Why not just tell him about it? The level of trust between those two was practically non-existent to begin with, but this is getting out of hand. It’s definitely a matter of time before he betrays those two.

Now, let’s focus on Ryouta and Himiko. They finally teamed up. Sure, it was kind of messy, you know, with Himiko accidently tasing herself while she was aiming for Ryouta. It was a bumpy start, but she ended up believing in him. Let’s face it; he had every opportunity to rape the living daylights out of her, and he almost gave in too, but he didn’t. He calmed down and carried her to safety instead. I liked that.

It was a really great episode. I’m still very bothered by that old man, but that’s no longer an issue for me. I’m just happy that those two are finally together. BTOOOM is a very dark anime, a type of anime that could definitely use a little bit of romance. I’m confident that there are people out there that agree. BTOOOM would do even better with a little bit of romance in the mixture.

BTOOOM! episode 05 screencaps

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