Nov 25, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 08

Not bad, BTOOOM!, not bad at all. I always thought that this show lacked romance, and that the two main characters need to be friendlier to one another. Still, it couldn’t be helped, considering what has happened to both of them. But it seems that it’s all about to change!

Let’s just dive right into the juicy stuff; the relationship between Himiko and Ryouta is progressing. I’m very happy about that. A relationship on that island seems almost impossible, we mustn’t forget that. Everyone is willing to kill his partner just to get away from that godforsaken island. So yeah, it was smart of Himiko to have been so cautious around other people. It’s not like she’s the type of girl to save herself for marriage. Oh no, she just doesn’t want to get hurt, raped and killed. I can’t imagine any girl that would want that, can you?

But, more importantly, their relationship is progressing. They are both drawn to one another and they are talking a lot more. That’s a big step in their relationship. Besides, there’s no room for disloyalty on that island. They both know that, yet Ryouta seems to trust her a lot. It’ll be interesting to find out if Himiko will learn to trust him just as much.
I’m not even going to talk about that woman that encountered. She has been a negative influence on their relationship. She was stupid enough to trust a man that betrayed once before they arrived on that island, yet she was so awfully surprised when he betrayed her once more. I don’t pity her at all, no way. I just hate it that she was such a negative influence. I don’t think that Himiko, after what she heard from that dreadful woman, will come to trust Ryouta anytime soon.

BTOOOM! episode 08 screencaps

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