Dec 2, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 09

My god, why don’t people ever learn? I learn if I get stabbed in the back by someone. I won’t hesitate to drop him/her like a fly. But the characters in BTOOOM! are all out of their minds. It has become quite clear that you just can’t trust people on that godforsaken island, yet they seem to forget that all the time…

Ryouta meets up with yet another person. A doctor. In fact, the very same doctor that betrayed that crazy woman, the very same woman that had to cut off her hand in order to remain undetected. That is just messed up. What’s the point? Why complete the game if those people can simply bring you back to the island for another round? Mind you, that guy definitely deserved it.

I absolutely hate Ryouta’s mind-set. He continues to trust people, thereby putting himself and Himiko in unnecessary danger without him even knowing it. You’re not supposed to trust someone right away without knowing him first, not even because he helped out a ‘friend’, someone that’s probably going to betray you sooner or later as well.

Those two, Ryouta and the doctor, even ended up going after another care package, a case with food, water and all sorts of handy stuff. It became clear that he’s alone on the island with Himiko. He can’t trust anyone else. That doctor left him there to fight off that tattooed guy on his own. It’s a good thing that Ryouta knows his way around the game, otherwise he wouldn’t have made it against someone so experienced.

Still, I have high hopes. Ryouta may be too naïve to see it, but Himiko isn’t. I’m sure she will set Ryouta, the only guy she knows she can trust, back on the right path, seeing as he almost ended up killing both her and that other woman in one go. It’s one of these times where almost getting raped and killed comes in handy; your eyes are truly open, so you see what’s really going on around you.

BTOOOM! episode 09 screencaps

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