Dec 9, 2012

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BTOOOM! episode 10

It’s happening, it’s finally happening. People are finally showing their true colours. Also, I’m glad that things were finally clarified. I was under the impression that that doctor had made it off the island once by clearing the game, but he never did. No one ever has, apparently.

The one thing that pissed me off the most was that doctor, seriously. Ryouta fought against a tough opponent with his life on the line. He may not have won, but that was no reason to try and kill him. Ryouta failed, as simple as that. He tried to defeat that guy, but he was always a step ahead. That guy had planned to take someone else’s BIM, a fire type, and use it on Ryouta as soon as he revealed himself. Ryouta barely managed to escape by jumping in the water, yet that doctor saw him as nothing more than a coward that ran away, even though he was the one that actually ran away.

That doctor received a perfect opportunity to take care of Ryouta once and for all. Kiyoshi was dying and Himiko was still a bit shocked from what happened earlier. They all headed out to find some medicine for Kiyoshi, which put Ryouta, who knew nothing of that doctor’s plan, in a very vulnerable position.

That doctor handed Ryouta a briefcase with so-called medicine, not knowing that he actually received a bomb instead. That doctor slowly moved away from Ryouta, and even though Himiko came running to warn Ryouta about the bomb hidden inside that briefcase, it seems as though it was already too late. It’s a mystery whether or not Ryouta survived the explosion, keeping in mind that he already escaped death twice that day. I’m sure he found a way to survive. We’ll just have to wait till next week.

BTOOOM! episode 10 screencaps

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