Oct 1, 2014

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Buddy Complex 2

What is going on? I knew this mediocre anime had its sequel green-lit, but for it to have two episodes air in two days… What is going on? There’s absolutely nothing known about it yet. We have no idea how many episodes there are (probably thirteen as well) and why these episodes aired so quickly.

buddy complex 2I think the artwork is the best thing about the show. It looks pretty good and the mechs are really nice, so I have very little to no complaints about the artwork. I do wish they would work on the characters’ expressions though.

For me it’s the story that made me drop the first season half-way through. I got so annoyed with it… That guy stayed and fight for an organisation that wanted to kill him if he didn’t… How messed up is that!? I would’ve hung on until the bitter end if he attacked them instead, but no…

I don’t recommend it. Mecha fans will like this, I’m sure, but not me. The story just ruins it for me. I hate ignorant protagonists that work for an organisation like that. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Plot Summary: Buddy Complex revolves around the main character, Aoba Watase, an ordinary high school boy. He lived an average, everyday life commuting to high school in the city. On the first day back after summer break, Aoba is attacked by a giant robot that appears out of the sky. As he’s pursued through the city, his classmate Hina Yumihara appears in a giant robot of her own. She rescues him, and tells him cryptically that “Dio is waiting,” before she sends Aoba into the future and then disappears. When Aoba wakes up, he finds himself over seventy years into the future, where the Free Pact Alliance and the Zogilia Republic are at war with each other, and there he meets a young pilot named Dio Jyunyou Weinberg. This begins Aoba’s new life as a pilot of the Free Pact Alliance, and together with Dio, they would change the fate of the world.

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