Sep 27, 2011

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Burn baby burn!

Boy did my PC burn alright. I smelled something disgusting early in the afternoon, so I went upstairs to check it out and saw smoke coming from my PC.

I picked that sucker up and hurried downstairs to dump that bastard in the garden. I hurried to get my fire extinguisher in case I would need it. The smoke quickly stopped so I opened up the case when I saw that my motherboard had been fried. Even the computer case had a black burned spot on the inside.

Luckily, from the looks of it, all my other hardware remained unharmed. All that’s left is for me to go out and buy a new motherboard tomorrow. This MSI motherboard wasn’t even that old though. It was my first MSI motherboard ever, and it’ll be my last for now.

Want to see the photos? Continue reading!
 Front of the motherboard. You can see that the motherboard is literally burned.

Back of the motherboard. As you can see it burned right through.

A burned spot inside my PC’s case. It burned right through onto the case.

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