Jul 22, 2012

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Campione! episode 03

What a complicated episode. It was so complicated because the characters were explaining too many things at once, so some of the information might not have sunken in yet. Still, the story is starting to look really interesting. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before other “god slayers” show up.

Everything is still pretty much the same; Godou is still being followed around by his blonde admirer, people are still after him and his powers and that little priestess keeps nagging him about an item that will bring about the world’s end. She looked like she’d seen a girl when he placed that stone in her hands. And to think that a little stone could destroy the world, how silly.

Meanwhile Godou met up with that little girl he met in Italy, whom turned out to be none other than Athena, a goddess that wants that stone back at all cost. Godou has to keep her busy long enough so his priestess friend can seal that stone, hoping that it will never become a threat to the world ever again. It’s all very strange.

It was pretty funny when Erica kissed Godou, claiming that it was the fastest way to share information with one another. One can only imagine how things will go from here. One thing if certain; Godou has quite a lot on his hands, and it will be difficult to deal with too, especially since he can’t summon that golden sword at will yet. How amusing, he has a golden chance (quite literally) to defeat an actual god, but he hasn’t got the faintest idea on how to use it. Too bad that one of Erica’s kisses probably wouldn’t help in that case, huh?

Campione! episode 03 screencaps

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