Aug 26, 2012

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Campione! episode 08

Well, well, well… A pretty damn good start for an otherwise disastrous episode. Of course, I mean disastrous good. It was nice to see that things aren’t always going the right way. It makes it all a bit more believable, despite it being a show about gods and humans with supernatural powers.

Godou seemed pretty relaxed during the first part of the episode. He had just defeated another Campione, escaped without getting violated any further by the girls and met up with that mysterious woman from the first episode. That’s pretty much standard stuff. This anime is supposed to be a mixture between ecchi comedy and action, so no problems there.

I also liked the fact that Athena, the goddess that Godou defeated a few episodes back, showed up again during this episode. I don’t like to see new characters during each and every episode. It’s nice to see that Athena is here to stay, even though yet another god showed up during this episode.

Speaking about a new god; let’s talk about Perseus, the god that appeared to slay a dragon. Some people say that Perseus isn’t a god at all, but one of the Campione. I think that’s a bit of a grey area, as they weren’t entirely clear on that. Let’s just accept the fact that he’s here, he’s pissed and he’s Godou’s latest adversary, meaning that we can expect a lot of action next week.

Next week’s episode will probably end up in Liliana kissing Godou, so that he may use that shiny golden sword of his, seeing as he can’t draw it out on his own. That’s kind of lame when you think about it. Why does the protagonist need any help when using his power? That idea has been milked dry throughout the past ten to twenty years. It’s just not original anymore. Oh well… I’ll be looking forward to next week’s episode. It’ll be interesting to see what happened with Godou after he got pierced by that arrow.

Campione! episode 08 screencaps

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