Sep 2, 2012

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Campione! episode 09

Here we go again; yet another girl that ends up joining Godou’s harem. I would travel to the end of the world in order to have what he has. What kind of guy wouldn’t want half a dozen of women swarming around him? My god, it just keeps getting better and better for him.

It gets better and better for us too though. The just got a whole lot more interesting after Godou got killed. Sure, he may have revived again due to all that magic and whatnot, but that’s not the issue here. The issue here is that he got defeated by some blonde egomaniac. A little bell must’ve rung during that time, at least.

Meanwhile things got out of control on both sides; Erica and the rest of Godou’s harem crew were trying to make their way to him, seeing as they were aware of what happened to that, but Salvatori, another Campione that unleashed Perseus on the world, made sure that the couldn’t do anything. He wanted to make sure that Godou did this without their help.

Fortunatly (I think), Godou still had Liliana. I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. She’s very self-conscious and doesn’t want to kiss him, so that means that he can’t use his shiny sword. She is also slowly falling for him, which could prove to be quite problematic. Liliana even ended up drugging Godou in order to meet up with Athena. She’s quite the troublesome girl that requires a lot of maintenance.

Next week should make things clear on whether or not Godou is fit to be a king. He has been relying too much on other people, and although most kings are like that, I still can’t help but feel that he has to find a way to deal with things himself. It will be interesting to see how he will turn out during the next few episodes.

Campione! episode 09 screencaps

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