Sep 9, 2012

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Campione! episode 10

Well, well, well… Who knew that this would turn out to be such an amusing episode? I’m not even talking about the action. The action was pretty uninteresting if you ask me. I’m focussing more on the relationship between Godou and Liliana. She too has finally for whatever magical charms that guy has, adding one more to that messed up harem of his.

I’m not going to question the reason why those characters kissed so much in order to bring forth Godou’s powers, but I’m just going with it. It just seemed a bit too much, that’s all. With Erica it’s usually one short kiss, but this was something else… This was one small step beyond your average kiss, as strange as that may sound right now.

Anyway, it did the trick. Liliana and Godou kisses (for a long time), allowing Godou to use his shiny golden sword. Naturally, Perseus was defeated, although with a little bit of Liliana’s help. I pretty much saw that coming, which is why I’m not going to focus too much on it.

However, I want to focus on one little thing though before I finish this post. The serpent god that killed Perseus at the end of the episode… Surely that couldn’t have been Athena? I know that she’s somehow connected and that it looked like her (although we only saw its shadow), but come on now… How would Athena benefit from killing Perseus? It doesn’t make sense.  Unless… No, I don’t think that Athena gets stronger after killing a god. Besides, that other Campione, Salvatore, would’ve killed him afterwards anyway. I’m rather curious about why he’s so interested in Godou, but I’m pretty sure that we’re all about to find out anyway.

Campione! episode 10 screencaps

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