Sep 16, 2012

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Campione! episode 11

This week’s episode really got me thinking. It’s been eleven weeks since Campione first started, but what have actually been waiting for here? I mean, how are they supposed to end this? There are two episodes left, yet there are so many gods and Campione left undefeated… Are we to assume that there’s going to be a second season or something?

Putting all that aside, I’m not so sure how to rate this particular episode. We, against all odds, were introduced to yet another character that’s about to join Godou’s harem. When does it end? At what point does one say; okay, we have two episodes left, so let us focus on the story to make sure that nothing gets left untold. I’m starting to get nervous again.

But still, that new character was pretty interesting. She, a friend of Yuri no less, seems to be a pretty strong warrior, seeing as she managed to make Godou ‘disappear’ without too much effort. This makes it all the more complicated. Two episodes left, a lot of gods and Campione left undefeated, yet the hero of this particular story is currently not available.

I’m going to stop here. I don’t want to continue this post of negativity, when in actuality I’m quite satisfied with this episode. I laughed, I cheered and I sat in my chair with my eyes practically glued to my screen. That’s the difference between me and other reviewers. Just because I review the most important parts, which doesn’t always sound as nice as one would expect it to be, doesn’t mean I’m pleased or displeased. I simply focus on the things that I want to focus on, leaving behind all those things that, in my humble opinion, weren’t noteworthy. I will keep an annoyingly close eye on Campione for now. I have high hopes for the remaining two episodes, unlike with Natsuyuki Rendezvous.

Campione! episode 11 screencaps

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