Jun 30, 2013

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Chihayafuru 2 episode 25

Remember when I said that the Japanese have a knack for strange endings? Now do you believe that I wasn’t kidding around? This ending almost suggests that there’s going to be a third season, which I highly doubt because the sales aren’t anything that impressive. The show has only been boosting manga sales.

[HorribleSubs] Chihayafuru S2 - 25 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.18_[2013.06.29_23.27.43]It was kind of disturbing to see Chihaya congratulating Arata so half-heartedly on his well-deserved victory. It’s almost like she’s jealous. Chihaya, to me at least, has always been a pretty puzzle. I could never really guess what that character was thinking about. I guess that’s part of her charm as a female Karuta player, huh?

I never really thought that another twenty-five episodes was a good idea. Thirteen episodes should’ve sufficed, especially if you consider how little improvement there has been during this season. They focussed quite a bit on these new students, which, let’s face it everyone, contributed very little to the story in the end.

[HorribleSubs] Chihayafuru S2 - 25 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.44_[2013.06.29_23.28.06]Also, and this is what bothers me most, I can’t figure out why they would use the final episode to put Chihaya’s operation in the spotlight. I saw a glimmer of hope when Chihaya was on the phone with Arata, thinking that she might’ve realized that she may have certain feelings for him. No. I was a fool to forget that the concept of love is completely lost on her. It’s like Chihaya got the ambition and her older sister got the love part. I would rather have seen a little bit more romance near the end, as I always thought that romance would do really well in Chihayafuru. It’s a shame that nothing ever really happened.

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  1. borabora5524 says:

    wasnt that strange… they are probably building up to a third season. maybe?

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