Nov 2, 2011

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Chihayafuru episode 05

Here we go again. It was a very emotional episode this time, which was only to be expected if you watched the last one. Chihaya decided to go visit Arata to find out what happened in these past few years, we all knew that was going to happen…

Chihaya and Taichi finally arrive after their long train ride. They didn’t waste time looking around, they immediately called for a taxi to drive them to Arata’s house. Arata wasn’t home at first, a little girl had to tell them where he works. Chihaya was really impatient, she took off towards the station, where Arata supposedly works. She soon laid eyes on Arata riding his bike, she ran for it and jumped him. Both got dirty so they went back to Arata’s house to take a bath and change their clothes.

Well, she did it, she found Arata. But he was dead set on being left alone. She made Chihaya leave his house after he kicked away her cards. Apparently the reason why he quit playing is because of his grandpa. His grandpa had a fatal stroke four years ago. Arata was supposed to be home that day, but instead he was at a center playing Karuta. I suppose he blames himself and Karuta for his grandfather’s death. Even if he was there, what could he have possibly done?

Just as the train was about to leave with Chihaya and Taichi in it, when all seemed lost, Arata appears out of nowhere on his bike. It seems he woke up to reality. I wonder how they are going to make this long distance thing work. I guess we’ll find out during the next episode!

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