Nov 23, 2011

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Chihayafuru episode 08

Here we go again with the card playing games. I have to admit that at some point it starts looking pretty fun, although I still think that Yu-Gi-Oh! beats the crap out of Karuta. I used to love Yu-Gi-Oh! I used to play against other kids at school when I was little… Ahhh, good times.

Chihaya’s quest to get more members for the Karuto club continues. Know how some say that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomache?” Well someone should tell Chihaya that, because she found her next member in the cafeteria and thought that it would be smart to disturb his lunch routine in order to get him to join. Naturally he decline and ran like hell after Chihaya’s annoying determination to get him in. This comes as no surprise, I’m pretty sure any guy would run if they had such a freakishly fanatic tomboy on their ass. Well, I suppose some ‘men’ would stay… God knows why.

Yuusei, or “Porky” as Chihaya calls him, declined because he’s already a member of the tennis club. Chihaya thought, even though she practically ruined his lunch, it would be wise to stalk him during his tennis training. She noticed how he was thinking about Karuta and disrupted his training by shouting. Porky, oh I’m sorry, Yuusei then stopped his training early to stop by the soon to be Karuta club.

Chihaya proposed a deal; if she managed to beat him than he would give it some serious thought about joining the Karuta club, but she had to stop bothering him about Karuta if she lost. The match goes on its way and it turned out to be a close call, it seems that Yuusei hadn’t lost his knack for Karuta. She barely managed to beat him, and she wouldn’t have if he had focused a bit more.

Yuusei encounters his tennis coach as he leaves the room, only to tell her that he’s quitting the tennis club and joining the Karuta club. This means that the Karuta club now exists of Chihaya, Taichi, Kanade, Komano and Yuusei. By my count that’s five members, which means that they need one more, proving that they need a minimum of six members, not five.

  1. Chihaya is way too pushy. I would never have considered joining if someone tried to recruit me in that manner.

    I must say though that Yuusei is pretty athletic for a fatty 😛

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