Dec 7, 2011

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Chihayafuru episode 10

Here we go again with the card playing games. Who knew that something so unknown to the average man on the streets could become so popular? The ratings for this show are getting higher and higher with each passing week. Hell, this show has surpassed many other anime released this season.

It’s here. The tournament is finally here. The tournament can’t begin though, not with Chihaya messing about with some of the other contestants. Other people were surprised that, and I quote; “such a beauty came here to play Karuta.” I have no idea what looks have got to do with it though. I myself am not supermodel material, I’m a total geek. Still, I have one hell of a gorgeous girl, so it’s all good!

The Karuta tournament has started and Tsutomu, formerly known as desk-boy, is having trouble keeping up with his opponent. The little fella needs to realize that it’s not just about brainpower, it seems that several aspects of the human body are required to win, or so I’ve heard.

The Karuta club finally got a break to refuel and rethink their strategies. Tsutomu is really having a difficult time keeping it together when he starts doubting himself.

It’s not all bad though, Kanade, unlike Tsutomu, won her first match. Tsutomu did not take this news easily, he wanted to go home because he lost hope. Taichi let him off to indulge in some more self-pity, but he ‘ordered’ him to come back and play during the finals.

A new round starts and Chihaya finds herself against a difficult opponent, even though the rest of the team is doing fine. Chihaya even lost her favoriate card, the card she always manages to get. The rest of the team took notice of this and started to worry.

All the trouble they’ve been having with Tsutomu finally reached Chihaya, and it started affecting her performance in a very negative way. That’s why Taichi’s the captain, they all got back on the rails thanks to his guidance. Chihaya made a comeback and started an all-win spree, she didn’t allow the opponent to take even one card after that. They won the match thanks to Taichi’s guidance, the guidance that made everyone do their best.

It was a good episode. A lot of emotions got in the way of a perfect performance, but that’s fine, it turned out just fine for Chihaya’s Karuta club. I can understand why this show is skyrocketing in ratings, it has it all; action, comedy, real-life emotions and a whole lot more. Too bad my wish hasn’t been granted though. I was really hoping to see Arata at this tournament, oh well… I guess I’ll just have to keep watching!

  1. Tensai-kun says:

    I’m not going to lie; i don’t find Chihaya that cute. She’s a total tomboy, come on…

    I have to agree with you poster, there are a lot of emotions present in this one, but they could’ve done so much better if they had just thrown in some more romantic scenes. Chihaya must have someone she likes, be it Taichi or Arata, it doens’t matter.

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