Dec 14, 2011

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Chihayafuru episode 11

What a day… I’m getting really impatient. I went by the shop earlier today, and my new laptop will arrive tomorrow at the earliest. All I’m saying is; someone’s going to have to pay if I don’t get my new laptop tomorrow. Whether it be the shop, my girl on hands and knees or the new car my in-laws bought.

As for Chihayafuru, it’s getting interesting as they were about to play in the finals. Chihaya’s mentor even came to watch her play. Taichi consulted with him about something he might have said during the last few matches. He thought that it might’ve had a negative impact on Chihaya.

The matchup was probably tempered with, all of Retro-kun’s matchup predictions was spot-on, that just doesn’t happen. Isn’t something like that against the rules? Chihaya’s opponent was downright rude, he has such a big ego that he could’ve been Kanye West’s bastard child. Sudo likes to manipulate people by weird remarks, using their favorite cards against them and by using the usual mind games.

Things slowly picked up when the rest of the time started getting used to it. The opponents were getting a bit nervous and started losing cards. Sudo was getting frustrated and took a very short brake to boost the team’s morale. He continued his rude playing style, constantly looking down on all the other players, but it’s starting to lose its effectiveness.

Everyone was finally starting to get the hang of it. The results started to reflect that, everyone was getting more cards as their confidence was increasing with each turn. Taichi was the quiet one, constantly planning on how to get his next card, giving his opponent very little time to take a card. Taichi finally defeated the one guy he could never beat, putting his team in front by one point. This should, in theory, put a stop to all those mind games.

It was a good match overall, Chihaya and her team ended up winning the finals. Their improvement rate is very impressive, and it’s only a matter of time before they will have to face Arata, especially now that they’re going to the nationals.

It was a very amusing episode, and of course very emotional, as always. I’m very curious about how Arata will respond to all of this. I guess we’ll have to wait another week to find out.

  1. They won’t be seeing Arata yet, they’ll just start training for the nationals now. They’ll probably see Arata at the nationals. I’m not sure if Arata joined a club yet though, as i’m pretty sure it’s for teams only.

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