Dec 21, 2011

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Chihayafuru episode 12

Here we go again with the card playing games. Did you know that Karuta already existed in the 13th century? Does make some sense though, it was roughly around that time when poems started getting popular, I believe. Karuta is a card game based on poems, so it does make sense.

The partying continues as the group celebrates their victory. Upon them now rests the responsibility to represent the whole of Tokyo in the upcoming nationals. But that happiness didn’t last long, at least not for Chihaya. She went home to share the good news with her family, only to find out that her parents made her big sister, who played in some sort of TV quiz, a much higher priority. I’m pretty sure that’s the story of Chihaya’s life. The only reason her sister is so popular, is because she’s pretty. Come back in ten years, because then she’ll be sleeping in Chihaya’s guestroom bed, because her beauty finally failed her.

Chihaya stood firm. She believed that things would only get better. Boy was she wrong, even the teachers didn’t believe in them. Most of them thought that Karuta was just a game. They have to keep this pace up, despite what others think of it. They’ll lose right away if they start doubting now.

It’s not all bad. Her parents may not believe in her, the teachers may not believe in her, but her mentor, Doctor Harada, believes that she is capable of anything. He gave her instructions on how to improve. But that did more bad than good, she started doubting her skills when she lost by no less than fifteen cards. She became insecure about her technique. It’s a good thing that she had Taichi, he managed to lift her spirit.

Things finally started to look good for Chihaya. She discovered that her father kept a close eye on her all this time, he saved all of her achievements in his scrapbook. Not only that, the rest of the club was getting pumped up because of the Nationals, they were really anxious to play. Even that old hag, who happened to be passing by, noticed how hard they were working. She was so impressed by them, believe it or not, that she actually took an interest in Karuta, which is why she decided to study up on it.

The episode started out difficult for poor Chihaya, but things turned out just fine in the end. She regained her spirit, her family and all the necessary support. Things will be getting even more interesting from now on!

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