Jan 4, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 13

Okay, the holidays are clearly over. Episode after episode starts to appear and I have reached the point where I will have to pick shows to write about. After all; I can’t write about all of them, not enough time in the world.

Anyway, life goes on in Chihayafuru as the group attends the Karuta Nationals together with their teacher. The old hag gave them a pretty hard time at first, but she came around when she saw how much those youngsters cared for this sport.

They seemed pretty tense at first. The heat made things a little harder, but they’ll be fine if they keep it together. They do have an edge, you see… All the other contestants know of their previous victory, and how they’ve only been a club for three months. This must be very intimidating, so, if they want to play it safe, they could use that to their advantage.

Things started out pretty bad for them. Everyone was nervous, exhausted from the heat and, if all of that wasn’t enough, Chihaya started to lose it as the heat was getting to her.

All was not yet lost. She had the others to support her and, not that she knew it, Arata was on his way to see her play. He has come a long way during these past few months. He used to be a wimpy kid that gave up on Karuta because of his grandfather’s death. We all have our ways when it comes to dealing with painful emotions, but he faced his demons and now he’s back!

Arata made it in time, only to find Chihaya unconscious due to the heat. She just couldn’t keep it together. Who can blame her though? She was wearing such thick clothing in that weather. Arata’s presence had never been as important as that day, he stayed by her side the whole time, even when she tried to run back to her match.

It’s not the end of the world. She just lost one match, but they are not yet out of the tournament. Chihaya was determined to recover in order to play in the next match. Arata, who had things to do, left in order to resume his own life. One thing is certain though; he’s once again going to enter the world of Karuta.

This week’s episode was very moving. It was nice to see that Arata finally made up his mind, he deserves to be happy. I will once again be waiting for next week’s episode with a smile on my face!

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