Jan 13, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 14

What a relief, I’m finally catching up on all my posts. I couldn’t resume my usual pace thanks to last week’s events and the Winter Anime. But, that’s pretty much over now, especially now that I’ve done pretty much all the Winter Anime and solved most site-related problems.

Anyway, life continues in Chihayafuru as the championship is still in progress. Last week’s episode was pretty hectic with all the misfortune that was bestowed upon Chihaya. Still, she was able to meet up with Arata, so that counts as something, I think?

Her future doesn’t seem to have improved that much. After all; she will have to face the “queen” of Karuta at some point. But, instead of being worried she was actually excited. She couldn’t even concentrate properly during her own match, as she was constantly looking at the “queen”. That’s when fear snuck in, she had mixed feelings about playing against her, but in the end she ended up facing her anyway.

The match begun and it looked very bad for Chihaya. Her opponent was ridiculously fast. Her hand was but a blur, even when showed in slow-motion. Chihaya couldn’t even touch a card, as her opponent was already ahead by no less than ten of them. Chihaya soon noticed her inferiority and started to doubt her abilities.

Chihaya focused and regained some confidence, so she started to make some progress. The question remains; can Chihaya win after being so far behind? I think we’re going to find out next week!

This week’s episode was pretty fun. A lot of progress has been made and I think that Chihaya will only get better from here on out. She must really want to play against Arata, she kept thinking about how it was to play against him when they were still twelve years old. Oh well, we’ll see what happens eventually.

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