Jan 18, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 15

Wow, time really passed by, we’re already at Chihayafuru episode fifteen. I don’t know whether it’s the blog or everything else that’s kept me occupied, but time’s really been flying by. It feels like only yesterday that I posted my first impression of Chihafuru.

Anyway, the battle between Chihaya and “the queen” of Karuta continues. Chihaya finally regained her composure and started taking some cards. This did not sit well with her opponent, she may not have said anything, but she was clearly enraged. Chihaya, if she abused it properly, could make use of her opponent’s anger in order to take more cards.

Sure, Chihaya ended up losing, but she, unlike all those other challengers, managed to take a lot of cards. There were enough of other people that couldn’t do half as much as her; still, it just wasn’t enough. She lost by a rough twenty card difference. “The queen” beat the rest of her opponents as well, making her the winner.

But, it wasn’t all bad. Taichi wasn’t out of the game yet, he still had a match to finish. He started out badly after he had trouble concentrating, and it’s what eventually cost him the match. He too lost to his opponent. Okay, so he lost by just a few cards, but he would’ve won if he didn’t lose his concentration. They may have lost this time, but they will have new chances in the future.

The club decided to turn the training up a notch by adding some stamina training. They may have lost at the nationals, but they learned a valuable lesson, something that’s more important than any one of plastic trophies. They are going to train a lot harder from now on in order to become even better for their next tournament, which, if I’m right, will be the one where they will have to face Arata.

Yeah… it’s it won’t be long now before either one of them will have to face Arata. I have my money on him, but can he still play? I mean… he has been absent from the Karuta scene for quite some time now, so there’s a very good chance that he ‘lost his touch’.  Oh well, I’m sure we’re going to find out soon enough.

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