Feb 2, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 17

My god, were already at the seventeenth episode of Chihayafuru. I haven’t heard anything yet about a possible second season, so there’s no point in fretting over it, but the end is drawing near. It won’t be long now before the Karuta club faces Arata (and his team). I’m rather curious about Arata’s abilities, has he become better or has he lost his touch because of his inactivity?

The episode started out pretty rowdy when all of the school’s clubs competed in a track match. The Karuta club finally ended up winning one, I definitely think they deserve it, but they mustn’t lose focus. Hell, Taichi even ended up breaking up with his girlfriend in order to focus more on the club. Nuts! I could never have broken a hot girl over some card playing game. Mind you, I would’ve discarded her without any hesitation for a great videogame.

Things got a little bit more complicated when Taichi started showing a more interest in Chihaya. I always suspected that he had feelings for Chihaya, but it’s becoming more and more obvious, so he’ll have to watch out before he does something stupid. I doubt Chihaya will notice though, she’s really slow when it comes to things like that.

Meanwhile the club went on yet another camp-like trip in order to hone their skills. It became clear that they had improved, but they had many flaws to perfect. Tsutomu made that very clear when he showed that he kept a progress log. It seems that Karuta is deceived in four areas; A, B, C and D. Chihaya is good with taking cards from the B and C area, but she’s weaker when it comes to A and D. Also, she has trouble with 3 (or more) syllable cards. All of these flaws need to be perfected as soon as possible.

The club once again started one hell of a training schedule in order to prepare for their next tournament. I can’t blame them either, as they will probably be facing Arata and other difficult opponents. I have high hopes for them, I really do, but my biggest wish right now would be for Taichi and Chihaya to become a couple. I have no idea why, but those two seem perfect for each other.  Arata may be Chihaya’s childhood friend as well, but I still think that Taichi is the ‘compatible’ one.

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