Feb 9, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 18

I finally got around to writing about Chihafuru. It took a bit longer due to all the other episodes, but it’s finally here. This episode is a little bit different from the others. They explain a lot more about Karuta during this episode, which was kind of pleasant, seeing as I had a few questions. I’m rather worried about the story though. There are just a few episodes left, but there’s still a lot of ground to cover.

Anyway, the episode continues and so do the matches in Chihayafuru. Poor Chihaya had her first A class match against some manipulative old hag. Okay, okay… that’s a bit harsh, she was pretty nice. Her style of Karuta was very different from Chihaya’s, as she used her opponent’s weaknesses to her advantage. Chihaya’s strength as well as her weakness is that she relies on her speed. Her opponent took notice of that and utilized that knowledge to her advantage. You see, Chihaya makes a lot of faulty moves due to her speed. She’s terrible with multiple syllables, so if she goes after cards too quickly then she’ll only end up losing more and more cards to her opponent. But her opponent this time was pretty manipulative, but she still ended up giving Chihaya a lot of advice on how to go from there.

Meanwhile things get a little more complicated as friends play against one another. Taichi was up against Yuusei, while Kanade-chan had to play against the strategic Tsutomu. Kanade was doing pretty good. She has a good pair of ears on her, good reflexes and she can move even better now due to her clothing. However, this isn’t enough to beat Tsutomu. He’s very smart and has played a lot of times against Kanade, so he knows most, if not all of her moves.

Tsutomu started gaining more cards while Kanade was struggling to keep up. Tsutomu-kun’s good points are that he remains calm during the match, the he’s good with multiple syllables and that he has the ability to find his opponent’s flaws in order to make good use of them. He’s a very cunning player indeed, but that might just win him the match. His key point is that he remains calm during most of the match, that’s very important.

Next week’s episode will probably focus on the match between Taichi and Yuusei. I have seen Yuusei play before in one of the previous episodes, and he’s pretty fast for such a “big built” (yeah, I like to sugar-coat things) young man. Still, as we’ve seen with Chihaya; speed alone does not win you the match, it takes a lot more.

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