Feb 16, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 19

Uwaa~… I noticed only recently how popular Chihayafuru actually is. I’ve been reading a lot of responses on anime forums and saw how many people love this anime. I somewhat agree as well, it doesn’t get boring quickly. Personally I’d rather watch one more Chihayafuru season than another Phi Brain season, but enough with the Phi Brain bashing.

The story continues as Tsutomu and Kanade are about to finish their match against each other. Remember last week when I said that Tsutomu-kun’s strongpoint as his calm composure? Well… he lost that. He was no longer calm and relaxed. The poor kid had completely given in to the pressure, thereby making all sorts of rookie mistakes. It didn’t take too long or he was down by no less than eight cards. It seems that Tsutomu has a bad habit of giving up before the match is actually over, which was one of the many reasons why he last to Kanade. The match could’ve gone either way if he had just maintained his composure, but sadly he didn’t.

Meanwhile the match between Taichi and Yuusei was coming to an end as well. Chihaya was a bit angry at herself for not paying attention to their match. You see, Taichi and Yuusei had both only one card left. These situations, apparently, are called “fifty/fifty luck of the draw” moments where it all comes down to one card. The one who manages to draw the correct cards is declared the winner. Pretty basic stuff, don’t you agree? But it got very complicated when there turned out to be a few more cards left in the box. Several of these cards, also known as “dead cards”, were called out in a row. This only added up to all the pressure. It all came down to one card. The moment finally came when Yuusei quickly stretched out his arm to take it.

It was quite the stressful match. Taichi may have lost this time, but he can be proud that he lost to someone like Yuusei. Okay, so he acted a little bit strange, but come on… the guy was a little bit agitated. Yuusei is a pretty good guy, which is why he talked it out with Taichi. I guess they’ve all grown during these past few episodes, huh? The question is; is their growth sufficient?

Things happened during these last few episodes, but the Karuta club managed to push forward all this time. And not just that, it seems that their hard work is about to pay off, seeing as they are about to face Arata and his team. I just hope that they remain the same, because Chihaya was already thinking about changing when she overheard Yuusei’s conversation with Taichi. They cannot afford to do anything reckless at this point, otherwise they might as well forfeit before they even start. But anyway, I’m sure we’ll see what happens very soon.

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