Feb 22, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 20

What a strange episode this was… I knew I could expect to see Arata in the next couple of episodes, but I just didn’t expect to see him so soon. Could be a miscalculation on my part, but it still seems a little quick, seeing as there’s no major tournament going on yet. I guess that’s part of the Chihayafuru charm; always expect the unexpected.

The story continues as the Karuta club recovers a little bit from their last tournament. No time to rest, at least not for Chihaya and Yuusei. Chihaya appears to be failing most of her subjects, while Yuusei only needs to polish his English and Math. Chihaya is the biggest problem here. She is easily distracted, lacks the willpower and motivation to study, plus she rather spends her time on Karuta than with her nose in a book. Understandable, I feel the same way, but who here doesn’t? Still, I don’t think that it was a smart of her to go and cheer for Taichi, even though she ended up seeing Arata again.

That’s right, she met up with Arata. It seems that he was there for that unofficial tournament. However, Arata was in the A class, while Taichi had to manage with B class. He wants to be in A so badly, but I don’t think he’s ready yet, seeing as he lost during the third round. He must’ve been distracted by having seen Arata there, because that’s not like him to lose so quickly. Chihaya came to cheer for Taichi, but ended up watching Arata instead. It’s not something one would expect, but it’ll do. I’m joking of course. It was really nice to see Arata work his magic. I guess he hasn’t lost his touch, despite the fact that he started playing again recently.

It was a touching moment to see the three of them reunited again. However, I’m not sure what Taichi thinks of the whole situation between Chihaya and Arata. Is there something there, isn’t there, who knows? We all know that Taichi has more than just a crush on Chihaya, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a little jealous. He’ll be fine though, as long as he doesn’t make a fool of himself in public.

Meanwhile the day comes to an end as everyone heads back. Chihaya has learned her lesson and went back to school in order to study. That’s right, Chihaya came back to study out of her own free will. You probably thought that miracles didn’t exist, huh? I’m still a little worried about Taichi though. He’s a nice guy and overall a good Karuta player, but he tends to get a little bit too emotional when loses a match. That’s not good at all.  He’ll end up hurting himself if he’s not careful.

Chihayafuru episode 20 screencaps

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