Mar 1, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 21

Damn, just a few episodes left till Chihafuru meets its end. It’s been a good run, I have enjoyed most of the episodes, despite that it was always about Karuta. I don’t understand it; Phi Brain is always about puzzles, but it can’t possibly be compared to Chihayafuru, which is always about the same card game. It’s not just the obvious difference in artwork; I think it has something to do with the fact that Chihayafuru has always been a bit more exciting and unpredictable.

Moving on… This week’s episode was pretty good. Not just good, it showed us a very rare sight; Chihaya doing her schoolwork. That’s right, Chihaya has been doing her best to study so that she could perform properly during her exams. She even put Karuta on second place during that time, and that’s something that doesn’t happen all too often. I can’t blame her, nobody can. You can always play Karuta, but you can’t always get those diplomas. One has to be capable of getting one’s priorities straight, before it’s too late that is. I’m just curious about her grades at this point.

However, my mind soon focussed on something else entirely; namely the match between Chihaya and a little girl. I know it sounds strange, but it’s actually rather simple. That little girl is known to be a Karuta prodigy, a gifted child, just like “the queen of Karuta”. She has, according to some, very good hearing thanks to those big ears of hers, allowing her to hear the correct syllables better and faster.

The girl enjoyed that match. Then again… she has to enjoy something, seeing as that poor little girl is being bullied at school due to her big ears. Also, she turned out to be the perfect opponent for Chihaya, a Karuta player who, just like that little girl, used to rely solely on her speed. She noticed that little girl’s speed and the mistakes she made because of it, so she started realizing what she did wrong in her previous matches.

Hehe, that coach of hers is a very smart man. He probably knew all along that Chihaya would come to realize her own shortcomings during this match, which is probably also why he decided to let Chihaya play at full speed during her match, allowing her to turn the match around in her favour. Chihaya was a lot more focussed and patient than ever before. Still, I could help but feel bad for that little girl. She started crying as soon as she realized that Chihaya started getting ahead.

Side note: if you laughed when that little girl started crying than you’re probably going to hell later on, just saying… But that’s no concern of mine. I’m just happy that Chihaya has improved so much, as she most certainly deserved it, especially having stood in the shadow of her older sister for so long. I’m looking forward to the match between her and Arata, now more than ever. Please guys, make it happen!

Chihayafuru episode 21 screencaps

  1. The little girl was adorable and I can’t believe people if even one started laughing when she cried. =/

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