Mar 8, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 22

Chi-chi-chihayafuru timeee~! I have been waiting three days for the new Bakuman episode, so I’m kind of on edge. It’s a good thing that HorribleSubs never let us down by ensuring us that they always have something to release on schedule.

The episode revolves around one single match between Chihaya and a former “queen of Karuta”, a girl named Yumin. My first impressions of here were pretty spot-on. It all comes down to this; I don’t like her. She’s very jealous of others, has no self-confidence whatsoever, likes to give up before the match is even over, and she turned out to be an unfair player, but I’ll get to that later. What’s important here is that Chihaya was on a winning streak. That soon changed when she realized that her opponent had mentally given up. This is when she started playing aggressively, and by doing so making a lot of stupid mistakes. It was very foolish of her, as she could’ve played it safe and slow until the end.

Yumin started retaliating as soon as Chihaya started making mistakes. She regained some confidence in her game and started playing by her old style again. This is when I started hating this character. She thinks it’s necessary to call out on any and all “close call” cards, hoping that I would grant her a win. That’s just dirty and unfair. However, wouldn’t be such an issue if Chihaya wasn’t so impressionable. She would probably end up giving her all the cards.

That’s right; I decided to keep this post short. I found that match very difficult and aggravating to watch. The fact that Chihaya didn’t really fight back was what pissed me off even more. Being nice is one thing, but being a pushover is something else entirely. I hope that she catches up with her whilst growing a pair during next week’s episode.

Chihayafuru episode 22 screencaps

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