Sep 11, 2012

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Chiisana Ojisan anime to premiere in October

Chiisana Ojisan anime to premiere in October

Noi Asano’s Chiisai Oyaji Nikki (Tiny Old Man’s Diary) manga will receive a television anime adaptation under the name Chiisana Ojisan starting in October. Kachidoki Studio (Litchi DE Hikari Club, Nukko.) is animating the series, which will premiere on Chiba TV.

The series’ official website has posted a “trial video” of the animation.

Television actor Chō will play Chiisana Ojisan and Nozomi Furuki (Kids on the Slope) will play the protagonist “Watashi” (me). Asano wrote the lyrics for the show’s theme song “Mamebiyori,” which is being performed by Tomoka Maeda.

Ohzora Shuppan published two volumes of Asano’s original manga in 2008. The third volume is slated for spring 2013.

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