Jan 22, 2013

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Clannad – The Relatedness of Family


The word Clannad has the meaning of family in Celtic. Among all the girls, Nagisa is my favorite, who is a strong-willed girl. She looks week but internally she is strong. Encountering Tomoya makes her gradually grow from an unconfident, week and introverted girl to a mature girl. Each of us has a dream and life’s not always easy. Nagisa finally realized her dream through failure and frustrations. Maybe it’s not just about her dream, it’s a dream of all the people supporting her.


If one lives a life without a true friend, I believe his or her life must be very lonely and helpless. The friendship between Tomoya and Yohei is also unforgettable. They both do poorly in school, both get frustrated by the sports they like, so they become good friends. During the days without an aim or a road ahead, Tomoya is accompanied by Yohei, who is the same as him. They share happiness and sorrow together. I understand their friendship because they are by my side too.

Many people like Kyo, of course, she is a cheerful girl who likes taking care of others. Such a thing may happens a lot in life, you like someone but you can tell him in fear of being rejected. What a pure and naive feeling! When Kyo finds out that her sister likes the same boy as she does, she chooses to bring them together. I can understand her ambivalence from the helplessness and confusion in her eyes. You can like someone but you have to bury your feelings. That is an unspeakable pity.


The most touching characters in CLANNAD I think are those three fathers: Okazaki Naoyuki Furukawa Akio and Okazaki Tomoya. Imagine raising a kid alone after losing your wife, and imagine giving up your own dream for your sickish daughter, how much pain you have to go through? They love their family in different ways, the love of a father is as great as a mountain. If you want to be a good guy, you definitely should watch CLANNAD.


Happiness may be very simple. We all had those experiences and feelings in CLANNAD, that’s why we have the same resonance and we cry while watching it. The family love is the greatest and everyone should cherish their family members. Family is our happiness and everything.

At last, let me quote a sentence: The world is beautiful, even if your eyes are full of tears and sorrow, please open them to look at the world. A world with happiness, sadness and pain is a real life.

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