Oct 31, 2012

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Code:Breaker episode 04

Is it just me or is Sakura becoming more and more accustomed to Rei and his methods? She doesn’t complain nearly as much. Hell, she doesn’t even back down anymore. She constantly gets in his way and speaks her mind whenever she sees fit. Whatever it is that made her afraid of Rei and his power is now almost completely gone.

We all remember how Rei ‘took care’ of those Yakuza and how he almost failed to kill (one of) the boss(es). Toki may have solved that little problem for him, but that just led to a lot more heartache for Rei. It doesn’t take a genius to see how much those dislike one another, especially in Rei’s case. He does not want to work with Toki, that much is clear.

I did like it when they told us, the viewers, a bit more about the whole idea behind Code:Breakers. I would’ve thought that there were more than just six of them. It’s not all that surprising that Rei is number six, supposedly the weakest of them. That’s how these things work. The weakest one works his way up to surpass the strongest one.

But anyway, I digress. I have high hopes for Code:Breaker right now. Not because Sakura is getting bolder, not because Rei is who he is and certainly not because we got a clear view on that whole Code: Breaker business. Oh no, it’s because there are more people, people that aren’t labelled as Code: Breakers, with all sorts of special abilities. Let us all face it; normal people killing normal people is easy. It happens. But people with special abilities killing normal people would be like killing ants with a magnifying glass. Things will get a whole lot more interesting now that other people with special powers have joined the big picture.

Code:Breaker episode 04 screencaps

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