Nov 7, 2012

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Code:Breaker episode 05

How typical… Kill one enemy and a stronger one emerges from god only knows where… I believe, as stupid as it may sound to some, that a show can be based by how the story works. The way in which the enemies appear in Code:Breaker is not very subtle and could use some improvement. Take a look at anime like Naruto or One Piece; they subtly introduce new enemies or turn friendly’s into enemies.

The way Code:Breaker introduces a new enemy may leave a bit to be desired, but the rest of the story is without a doubt very good. I was under the impression that those two gay-looking men were power-users, just like Rei and Toki. I never would have guessed that they were actually using other people’s powers, children’s powers at that.

I already had a feeling that at least one of the Code:Breakers was corrupt. It’s only to be expected. At least one of the “good guys” always takes a look at the other side, only to be tempted by it. Sometimes its power, sometimes its money or sometimes they do it because it’s fun. I’m guessing that it’s because of power, seeing as this is an anime about people with powers.

Sakura knows now how corrupt her world is. She thought that she could force her own sense of justice, but her foundation soon crumbled when she found out that powerful politicians were behind all of the misfortune she has encountered with Rei. It was only a matter of time, and, although I don’t know it myself, I’m sure she will find another way to try and convince herself that there’s justice in her world.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. I was surprised by this episode, I really was. I never would’ve imagined that they were using little kids to harvest organs and powers. Makes me wonder what they’re going to do now to show us other people with powers.

Code:Breaker episode 05 screencaps

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