Nov 28, 2012

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Code:Breaker episode 08

I am truly disappointed by this episode. I don’t care what people say, this episode was just bad. The most obvious of all twists took place this week. Why? Why in the hell would you want to make it so obvious? Nobody actually benefits from this, I’m sure.

I’m going to keep this as short and powerful as possible; what the hell was up with that pathetic twist? Hell, I’ll get to that. Let’s focus on the fact that the Prime Minister is actually Toki’s father, which I already suspected. I actually want to focus a bit more on the strange relationship he shares with his younger sister. A power user must’ve done something to her, seeing as it looks as though she has two personality. Maybe it’s just psychological or maybe she herself is a power user. Either way, it’s strange and rather cruel towards Toki. That was the part I actually liked.

Now, what was with that ridiculous twist? I knew Masaomi was up to something. He didn’t look surprised, he was never actually attacked and he never actually used his powers to harm Hitomi, which would’ve been fairly easy for someone like him. But no, he obviously gathered every Code:Breaker in one location, just so that his accomplice could abduct Toki’s father, the prime minister. It couldn’t have been more obvious. I knew something was off with that character. Let’s face it, people… He was number two, the second strongest Code:Breaker, yet he didn’t waste any time by trying to capture Hitomi. He just played a role, that’s it. But, when all is said and done, I’m rather glad that the cat’s finally out of the bag.

Code:Breaker episode 08 screencaps

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