Dec 12, 2012

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Code:Breaker episode 09

Code:Breaker is declining fast… The ratings are slowly dropping, several fan subbers have stopped subbing it and the story is becoming very predictable. It’s really a shame. What started out as an interesting and promising show, is now slowly turning into a predictable cliché.

So Hitomi captured Sakura… Who cares? She has the ability to nullify all powers, so, in theory at least, she could just walk out there with Rei and the rest. But no, Sakura rather sticks around to argue with Hitomi about his methods and whatnot. As if that helps? A teenage girl trying to convince a person with super powers not to take over the world… Yeah, very convincing.

I don’t even know why Rei still tries. Hell, I don’t even know why his agent still tries. She couldn’t possibly kill him, even if she did want to, which she doesn’t. Hitomi only has to use a little bit of his powers to gain control over her body. Those kinds of situations make me wish I had the same powers.

I’m going to stop here… There’s not much more I can tell. Rei wants to defeat Hitomi but isn’t strong enough, Sakura wants to convince Hitomi but doesn’t know how, that agent thinks she can stop Hitomi but part of her doesn’t want to, Toki still thinks he’s the hero of the show, and Hitomi and Yukihina still think they’re doing the right thing by dragging the whole world into chaos. Maybe that’s true. Maybe that’s the only way to get rid of crime, corruption and all sorts of evil. After all, the Code:Breaker’s credo is to fight evil with evil, right?

Code:Breaker episode 09 screencaps

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    The episode was okay i guess..

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