Dec 28, 2012

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Code:Breaker episode 11

Ugh, my entire schedule is completely blown to bits due to the holidays. Some shows aren’t airing this weeks and some aren’t being subbed on time. There’s no room for a social life in an anime geek’s life. Nah, I’m just joking around. Everyone deserves a break to enjoy these festive times.

[sage-koi]_CØDE:BREAKER_-_11_[720p][10bit][89809125].mkv_snapshot_08.42_[2012.12.27_23.17.15]I hate to say it like this, but nothing major has changed. Hitomi still has the prime minister, also known as Toki’s father, in his pocket, Masaomi is still behind Hitomi and the Code:Breakers are still hopelessly trying to stop them from accomplishing their goal. It’s by no means a secret that Yuuki’s my favourite character in this show, but disabling dozens and dozens of bombs is absolutely impossible for him, even though he’s awesome. His ability, the ability to manipulate sound waves, will probably do more bad than good when it comes to disarming bombs.

[sage-koi]_CØDE:BREAKER_-_11_[720p][10bit][89809125].mkv_snapshot_20.38_[2012.12.27_23.18.09]Rei had to take on Hitomi by himself, even though Sakura was right there. I don’t see how she, a girl with the ability to render all powers useless, could get caught like that, even if she hasn’t mastered her power. Rei now has to do everything by himself, and it’s not working as well as he had hoped. His idea to use his blade and the ground as a conductor for Hitomi’s electricity has backfired.

Meanwhile Masaomi was dominating Toki while Yukihina was about to start his fight against Rui, whom survived Masaomi’s attack. I like her! I like her power to be more specific. The idea of a tomboy using her shadow as a weapon is kind of cool. Rather, she uses her shadow to attack other people’s shadow. All damage dealt to their shadow becomes ‘real’. Nice!

Code:Breaker episode 11 screencaps

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