Jan 3, 2013

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Code:Breaker episodes 12 & 13

The only good thing about these episodes was that I could watch them one after the other. What the hell is wrong with endings these days? The sad thing is; Code:Breaker’s ending was one of the better ones I’ve seen lately. That’s just really sad…

[sage-koi]_CØDE:BREAKER_-_12_[720p][10bit][F0B936D2].mkv_snapshot_02.12_[2013.01.02_22.31.03]I’m going to skip right past all the nonsense about whom did what and where. I’m going straight for the good stuff. Toki, whom had finally found his father, the prime minister, was actually unsure about what to do next. Would he kill that man? Would he save that man, only to see him continue in his evil ways? Yeah… It was exciting for almost a whole minute.

I’m going straight to the part where Hitomi, the story’s villain, finally lost control after he realized that his bombs, thanks to Masaomi’s double crossing, weren’t going off anymore. He finally snapped. It was nice to see him lose control for once. The composed Hitomi started the piss me off like you wouldn’t imagine.

[sage-koi]_CØDE:BREAKER_-_13_[720p][10bit][A8914C73].mkv_snapshot_01.43_[2013.01.02_22.32.25]Hitomi, after having reached his boiling point, unleashed all of his power, only to find himself standing face to face to his Code:End. His powers ran out of control when Rei revealed his true power, thereby bestowing a painful death upon him. It’s a good thing he managed to inflict some damage to the prime minister though, he deserved it.

Now, most people would be satisfied by this, and normally I would agree. However, what the hell is going on with Rei? Why did he disappear? Why didn’t Sakura do anything? She stood in the middle of it all since episode one, so why was she so useless? It was a strange ending that left me with so many questions… I can only hope there’s going to be a bit more Code:Breaker content in the future that will answer some of those questions.

Code:Breaker episodes 12 & 13 screencaps

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