Jul 22, 2012

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Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai episode 03

Geez, this anime just got a whole lot weirder. They’re introducing character after character, and each one is weirder than the last. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new one shows up during the next episode. In fact; I think that’s pretty much a given if I look at the final few minutes of this week’s episode.

Poor Ryosuke was still recuperating from the battle between Lisara and Quele, where (indecently) he played the lead role. Groping girls without their permission in order to gain perverted energy to give to your mistress… Yeah, Japan’s youth is going to take the fall for that one. I can only imagine the amount of letters that studio gets from angry parents, after having their children expose to this particular anime.

We need to focus a bit more on Iria though, the latest character; a Death Reaper like Lisara and Quele. Apparently, she too went to school with Lisara, but they weren’t friends. No, the two of them were rivals in everything. Iria was only there as an idol, allowing her to make physical contact with many people in order to check out their energy levels. Smart move, Iria.

Things soon turned for the worse when a battle between Iria and Lisara broke out. Lisara didn’t even want help at first. She was too concerned about her status, so she decided to go lone-wolf on this one. However, it soon became clear to her that she couldn’t win against her in a one-on-one. Maybe she collected too much energy from others, maybe she’s just stronger or maybe Lisara was still weak from her previous battle. Either way, Lisara just couldn’t do it alone. She decided to accept Ryosuke’s help, seeing as he’d been building up his perverted energy (pervergy?) by watching those two fight in their sexy outfits.

It was quite the interesting episode, that’s for sure. And surely they must’ve realized that there’s more to Ryosuke than meets the eye. He can recharge his energy in a matter of minutes/hours. That’s something they all know by now, so why are they still looking for that special someone? That’s one of the things I just cannot understand. His energy levels may not be high, pure or even remotely likable, but he does come through whenever you need him. Oh well, I think next week’s episode should clarify a few things, if I am to believe this week’s ending.

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai episode 03 screencaps

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