Aug 12, 2012

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Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai episode 06

The hell did I watch here? Something’s seriously wrong with this week’s episode. It’s like the comedy took a 180 degree turn for the worse. Yes, I laughed at certain scenes, but that is it. It’s a bit funny, that’s it. It wasn’t all that interesting this time.

I liked it when everyone’s favourite pervert king’s mother decided to video chat with her offspring, after which she was introduced to his awesome harem. This all led to her telling him the truth about his father, about how he was a demon as well, and that he left one half of a mystical and powerful weapon behind when he was still inside her womb. Lisara just gave him the final piece of the puzzle, thereby completing the ‘weapon’, which is now known as poor little Ryosuke. Talk about a strange turn of events, huh? Maybe that weapon’s also the reason why he can share his energy multiple times a day.

I did not like hearing about how Ryosuke has two months left to live. I did not like how their true enemy appeared at the very end of the episode to abduct Mina-chan. I didn’t like any of that. I hold Quele responsible for that. Mina was her source of energy, so it was her responsibility to look after her and make sure that she stayed safe. But no, Mina-chan got taken by that guy.

I would like to end this post by sharing my final thoughts. I think that things are about to get ugly. It’s a matter of time before Ryosuke finds out about his short lifespan. I also think that Ryosuke father is somehow related to Mina’s abductor. Hell, they may even be the same person. Either way, Ryosuke will come looking for him during the next episode. That’s for sure.

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  1. I find the story lacking quite a bit to be honest

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