Feb 21, 2013

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Dancer Clinoppe anime green-lit

Dancer Clinoppe anime green-lit

GREE, one of the largest mobile phone game and social networking platforms in Japan, announced on Thursday that a television anime for its social game Odoriko Clinoppe (Dancer Clinoppe) has been green-lit. In the game, the player raises Clinoppe, a mysterious creature with a squishy, palm-sized body that was discovered in the mountains of India.

The player can take care of Clinoppe, outfit it with clothes and items, and watch it dance. Different players can also chat and exchange ideas in this game popular with among women in their 20s and 30s.

The “surreal, comical” television anime will follow the daily life of Clinoppe and an office lady named “Onei-san.” The anime is the first part of GREEE’s initiative to expand its licensing character business for the game.

Before the anime’s premiere this spring, the store chain Loft begin selling 32 kinds of items such as plush figures and smartphone covers in March. Also this spring, the company Run’a will release various goods, and Sega will release amusement game machine prizes.

Another Gree title, the popular Driland fantasy game, also inspired a television anime last year.

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