Jan 11, 2012

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Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Geez, this was so confusing. I sat watching with my mouth open and a lot of question marks inside my head whilst the she-devil here was laughing her ass off. Sure, I laughed too, but this is not actually my kind of comedy.

The artwork is pretty good, I especially liked those scenes where the characters have those ridiculous expressions. Anime keeps improving visually, which only puts more pressure on getting an even better story.

Speaking about stories; I have no idea what to think of this one. Every minute is filled with these ludicrous jokes, it’s basically overkill. Hell, I don’t think that there’s an actual story to begin with. The show just follows these three idiots around.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be watching this anime from now on, I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. But I do recommend it to people who like to laugh. Sure, the show offers cheap and ridiculous comedy, but you still end up laughing at it.

Plot Summary: A glimpse into the lives of Tadakuni, Yoshitake, and Hidenori; three friends attending a boys-only high school.

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