Oct 15, 2011

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Deadman Wonderland OVA 01

Wicked. I loved Deadman Wonderland, it was really amusing to watch. I think it definitely deserved a lot more episodes. And what’s more, there’s a definite second season possibility. The process is actually very simple; the more Blu-Ray and DVD sales this anime makes, the higher the chances for a second season. Rumor has it that it’s going really well, some even say that it’s only a matter of when the second season will show up.

This OVA, much like every other episode of Deadman Wonderland, was very amusing too. The OVA starts with Kiyomasa Senji as a police officer. He obviously cares very little for the law, he just wants to slice up every criminal he meets. But that’s his style, and you can’t take away that style.

It was nice to see how Deadmen cope with the outside world, how they use their powers and decide on how to live their life. But my real wish is to see the second season, this anime deserves it. My girl and I always waited impatiently for the next episode of Deadman Wonderland, very few anime can do that to us.

But yeah, like I said; it was nice to see how Deadmen cope with the outside world, but I still think that they shouldn’t be out like that. Some use their abilities for good, whilst others use them for their own personal gain. What’s clear to me is that we can expect more Deadman Wonderland OVA’s, but everyone knows that after seeing the end of this one.

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