Nov 26, 2011

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Detective Conan’s 11th movie teaser online!

The official site for the Detective Conan anime films relaunched on Saturday for the 2012 entry, Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker, and the site began streaming the half-minute teaser trailer. The 16th Detective Conanfilm has the pint-sized detective being stalked by a criminal unless he can decipher the criminals’ coded messages.

The story begins when the Mōri Detective Agency suddenly receives a threatening phone call. Then, a car explodes right before Kogorō Mōri’s eyes. If Detective Conan, Kogorō Mōri, Ran Mōri, and the others cannot decipher the coded message that the culprit lays down as a challenge: “Aoi shōnen to aoi shimauma, ue kara no ame” (A blue boy and a blue zebra, rain from above…), they won’t be able to stop the next bomb. The threats continue until Conan and the others are at a soccer match between the rivals Ganba Osaka and Tokyo Spirits, and the culprit threatens the entire stadium.

Source: ANN

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