May 4, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 05

What is up with this weird episode? It feels like they skipped a big chunk of information. I had to be sure I had seen last week’s episode before I continued watching this one, it’s simply that weird. Maybe I’m high though? It’s possible that someone spiked my Seven Up.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.16_[2013.05.03_23.16.49]Remember how last week’s episode ended with some unknown guy? Well, he wanted to tell Hibiki about Yamato and his true objectives. That’s pretty much where it ended, yet I started watching this episode and Hibiki has already become part of their resistance group, seems to be wearing slightly different clothes (is that just me? Or were those gay-looking bunny ears already part of his outfit?) and has obtained a new demon. What happened? What happened between the point where he followed that guy back and the point where he appeared with that new demon by his side? I might have to watch the whole episode again later, because this makes no sense. I’ve missed something.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.24_[2013.05.03_23.17.37]It seems that Hibiki’s new demon is kind of special as well. It’s powerful and it’s one of those “legendary” four demons, some kind of ancient bird that supposedly represents the south. It also came to my attention that a character has place for six demons (there were six slots on his phone). That’s always nice to know.

I must say that I’m looking forward to the next episode. Sure, I’m missing a few important details, but I want to see that match between Hibiki and Yamato. Yamato has a powerful demon as well, but does he know that Hibiki now has two of them? That’s what I said from the beginning; never join an organisation like that, because it only leads to trouble (even though he joined another one right after).

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 05

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