Jun 22, 2013

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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation episode 12

Quite the terrific episode despite it being predictable. This next and final episode was a long time going, it was something that everyone knew was coming eventually. It’ll be fun to see how they’re going to answer everyone’s expectations.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.08_[2013.06.21_22.42.37]All of the Septentrione’s have been defeated and their trial is now almost over. Alcor took it upon himself to (try to) take care of Yamato’s obsession to take over the world by killing him. Alcor once saw his hopes and dreams in Yamato, but that changed when Yamato turned his back to those without power, to those that he thought were too weak to be of any use.

Alcor found a new messiah; Hibiki, also known as “the sparkling one”. I never really liked that title to begin with. It sounds like something a raging queen would like to be called. I can (sadly) actually imagine a guy shouting “Look boys! I’m spaaa~rkling” in some shady gay-only club. God… My condition is getting worse.

[HorribleSubs] DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.46_[2013.06.21_22.43.45]I must admit that it took me by surprise when Alcor was actually driven to the point where he decided to sacrifice himself in order to try and kill Yamato. Sure, I knew that Yamato would survive because he would still have to fight Hibiki, but still… I never expect Alcor to die so easily. It seems that his death was completely pointless now.

Who cares anyway? The outcome was rather predictable… Who cares? The final fight between Yamato and Hibiki is going to be awesome, that much is certain. I’m seriously expecting an awesome ending here, so they better make that happen. I’m sick and tired of good shows being ruined by disappointing endings…

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