Oct 2, 2015

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Diabolik Lovers More,Blood

I don’t understand why this was given a second season. The first season wasn’t received so very well and many people, including myself, referred to this as a bad Vampire Knight knock-off. You may give it a new name and make it even more girly, but in the end it’s just not nearly as good.

Diabolik Lovers More BloodOne look at the artwork and you instantly realize that girls were the main focus for this, in my opinion, pointless show. It is so cliché and so boring. Nothing really stands out.

I honestly don’t know nearly enough about to story to say anything profound about it. All I know is that it’s hard to watch and that the male characters, which all look kind of gay, are pretty much all over the heroine (for somewhat evil reasons).

I like vampires, werewolves and a lot of other supernatural characters. I think such characters allow for an amazingly interesting story filled with action, drama and perhaps a little romance and comedy. The possibilities are endless. This, unfortunately, is not one of those shows that I’m excited about. This isn’t for me.

Plot Summary: In addition to the six Sakamaki vampire brothers, four new brothers from the Mukami family: Ruki, Kou, Yūma, and Azusa, enter the daily life of Yui Komori.

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