Oct 8, 2013

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Diamond no Ace

Not bad, not bad… I have to admit and say that I expected a lot less from this. I had some kind of childish kiddy show in mind when I read up on this show. It’s also been quite some time since I’ve seen baseball-related anime.

Diamond no AceThe artwork? Very nice, I think. It’s definitely not a budget production. The characters look very good, it’s very detailed and I’m quite fond of how they did some of the characters’ eyes. It looks good so far!

The story would probably be at fault if Diamond no Ace were to fail somehow. It started off pretty nice and interesting, so I’m sticking around for more. I’m quite a big fan of underdog stories and stories about prodigies.

Seriously, give the first episode a chance. I really thought it was interesting and I ended up enjoying every minute of it. Not everyone likes anime about sports, I know that, but this one might just persuade you to change your mind.

Plot Summary: The story follows Eijun Sawamura, a pitcher who joins an elite school with a brilliant catcher named Kazuya Miyuki. Together with the rest of the team, they strive for Japan’s storied Koushien championships through hard work and determination.

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